"To be we" or "Bodyshop" WIP

VR Body Illusion Music Video experience that let's the participants "donate" their body, or/and experience other bodies "donated" by community members.

Bodies are weird and beautiful and very diverse. With some simple tricks, we can "hack" our brains to experience the illusion of inhabiting a different body.

Would be great to realise this dream of a different type of connection, research VR and music experience.

Let's make a VR music video that lat's you experience "full-body-Illusions"

The idea is based on experiments used in cognitive science research which I explored with some researchers at Karolinska Institute. To archive, a full-body illusion researchers combine tactile stimuli that are timed to coincide with visual representations of such stimuli in a VR view of a dummy body. Instead of a dummy-body, two screens and a researcher slaving away stroking the participant rhythmically I want to film and share a "VR music video" in preparation for and during the festival.

The goal is to compose a pice of music in collaboration with a musician from the community. The lyrics of this piece will serve to guide the tactile input for the participants.

How it works:

Before the Festival:

  1. Collaborating with a musician to make the music (prototype exists)
  2. 1-3 "filming events" during these community members/ festival "work is play" membership holders will be invited to "donate" their bodies (for art;)). Will film them in the first-person perspective in a nice cosy set while drawing the same pattern in the rhythm of the music on their bodies. Will provide food and drink and maybe interview those participants interested in a "making of" documentation.

During the festival:

Two people who trust each other join the experience together. They draw shapes or words on their body according to the introduction provided.

Person 1 puts on the cardboard VR headset and lies down. Person 1 plays the video with full sound. Person 2 proceeds to stroke person 1 rhythmically at the market place as timed by the song. In the video person 1 sees different body-types recoded in the same setup and the visual and tactile inputs overlay to create body-illusions of diverse bodies "donated" by the community.



rent for cameras and tripods for 2 days1 500 SEK
Material to build a set1 500 SEK
software for the VR video500 SEK

Total funding goal: 3 500 SEK


a month ago

What is the next step?

a month ago

please comment if you have a tripod or camera I could borrow :), then I would not need that in the budget :)

17 days ago

I also very much need feedback by musicians in this project :)

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