Ochaya Nordica

Portable Tea-houses

Ochaya Nordica is a proposal for creating tiny tea houses, empty rooms to take a break from coffee and screentime. Based on the Japanese traditional Ochaya (tea-house) using local materials and traditional nordic constructive methods.

The initial plan could be to build them on the front yard of the house, create a garden underneath, then propose them to the municipalities and apartment associations to place them on gardens around the urban areas.

The project would need a team of fund-seekers, ceremonial tea-masters, gardeners, skilled and non-experienced carpenters, architects, designers, landscape architects, light designers, electricians to power them with a solar panel.

The 2 models shown are the seed and an invitation to other creators to propose other models to make a wider collection following the same principles. The material will probably be provided by Kontio.se a company dedicated to making log houses, the idea has been pitched and they look forward to collab.

The next step would be to create drawings to start making a budget and then applying for funds.

Who is up for tea-time?

Staying at Frihamnstorget?