(WIP) Self-contained

Immersive & interactive sound experience


This dream is a tribute to the container. We dream to embody the spirit of the container, to give it a voice, to have it manifest itself within itself. To give it a soul. A self. An I. An identity, self awareness and an illusory sense otherness, and with that – a wish to become that which it already contains.

We dream to fulfil the container’s dream of becoming that which it contains. But our dreaming does not end there: the same dream contains the dream of the content to transcend its contentness and itself become a container.

wtf do you mean?

We're creating music and soundscapes out of sampled klinks and klanks from the scrapyard universe. These will then be implemented into an interactive landscape that invites participants to explore together with the container.

We also want to invite participant interaction by installing contact microphones on scrap objects that we make into playable instruments.

Ideally we can also explore other forms of interacting by building sensors that can trigger the soundscapes in other ways.

We invite any form of collaboration, but especially people that could help with the following:

-Lighting (especially interactive)

-Creative MIDI controllers (we want random junk to trigger musical elements electronically. Makey Makeys are welcome)

  • Decoration, sculptures and instruments (especially upcycle)