The Robot Cake

Don’t we all hate cakes that ruin our cosy hangouts? It is kitschy, it is clumsy, you are allowed to hate it. But hey! it’s a robot so it won’t care.

By using a big metal construction covered with canvass and decorated with fabrics and foam stuff we want to build a big clumsy robot cake that rolls around by its self and annoys people.. Like: Oh no! There comes the bloody cake again! :(

The foundation is based on a robot lawn mover. By exchanging the drivers engine and battery to a much stronger one it can be bigger. Then by exchanging the wheels and (Ned-dreva) the machine slow again it will be able to carry a heavier construction.

This is a early stage and at a sketch level.. We know we need help with the electrical engineering so please join up!



Don’t know yet. But need to buy a second hand robot lawn mover..4 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 4 000 SEK