Box of hot space

This is not (just) a sauna! Multifunctional tiny house exploration with seethrough walls, LEDs and Climate control. Come into this box of hot space!

We are making a spa experience in a lit up - multi couloured, transparent box on wheels. Inside you will find a relaxing aura with a sauna aggregate. The walls has lighting that changes with the temperature of the room. The walls are transparent enough for people to see silhuettes of the people inside. And we will offer massages during some times in the festival.

This is our first prototype towards building more tiny houses together. We want to create a modular tiny house crew, where each member has a tiny house that adds on to the other members and thus creating a space far greater than what the individual tiny houses would be able to create separetely. We are developing a mobile tiny house with huge potential. The tiny house is modular, meaning that it can have multiple uses for the community or commercial purposes.

By adding a bed and a kitchen-unit you have yourself a mobile home. By removing everything you have a gallery for showing art When we are at the square in colder times the space can be used as a dining room and hang out space.

We (Theodor Zombory (@Thedodod owner of Porla AB), Emilie Dafgård, Martin Andersson, Aras Sedaghat Amoli and Porla AB) have already invested a lot of time, love and 50 000 of our own money to get the skeleton of the “Box of hot space” running on a nice costum trailer!

We have the expertise of installation and water system expert in Theo, construction engineer Martin Andersson, architect in Emillie and a great project manager in Aras Sedahat Amoli.

Now we need help to finish the hull and heating system and in the best case some nice LEDs for the festival so you can use it!

Besides the budget for the material, we could also use some help with the electronics of the trailer as well as the programming of LEDs and temperature sensors.

Please support and help us with budget, expertise, your sweat and/or nice words.



Material for the walls30 000 SEK
Heating system10 000 SEK
LEDs and temperature sensors5 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 45 000 SEK