We want to give YOU the experince of being a rock star! Come in to our tour-bus of karaoke - dress up like a rock star and ROCK.OUR.WORLD

We love to share an experience with you. The experience of singing from your heart. In this dream we invite you to let your inner rock star out in a space that makes that inner rock star feel like home. You have access to scene clothing, wigs, sun-glasses and a big music library with songs to sing karaoke with.

We have:

Karaoke-enthusiast that ensure the best quality in mixing

A crisp sound system to create that realistic rock star experience

A tour bus that acts as a stage

To make this even better we want the help of you, the people, to get scene clothes and accessories to transform our "normal" selves in to the eccentric version that otherwise just comes out in the shower.


Income/existing funding

Ice-tea bar 2 000 SEK
Sandwitches1 000 SEK


Accessories (wigs, sun-shades, walking sticks, hats)3 000 SEK
Scene clothes3 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 3 000 SEK

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17 days ago

I'd like help with correct-reading the text help with spicing up the picture to make it more "paartayy" Ideas for bettering the experience