Use your body to co-create an amazing painting - inside an travelling art- studio

This bus is a creativity - booster on wheels. It will give you and so many others the opportunity to explore their inner creativity with all the tools anyone can imagine.

For the festival we are making it in to a PaintiBod-Pod where you use your body to paint a collaborated painting.

We will have paint and pastic wrap available for anyone who feel like contributing to do so. The way we will do it is to first have a workshop where we collaborate on a sketch on what to make, and then we help participants to create their interpretation of our sketch.

The goal is to have a harmonious painting where we have scaled down the techniques to what the cavemen and cavewomen used and connect our bodies to the creatoin of art.



Paint2 000 SEK
plastic wrap600 SEK
canvas800 SEK

Total funding goal: 3 400 SEK

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17 days ago

Need help writing the text as well as some hotting up of the pic of the bus