Ceci n'est pas une container

A container remix of a famous surrealist painting by Magritte.

I want to remake a container side into something along the lines of what you can see on the picture. A big golden frame (in wood) and some kind of depiction of a container (painted or a welded 3-dimensional model) above the sentence "Ceci n'est pas une container" as a remix and a reference to Magritte's classic painting "The Treachery of Images" "La Trahison des images" from 1929.



Wood for frame (custom skirting pieces)2 000 SEK
Red primer paint200 SEK
Golden spray paint150 SEK
Boards for "canvas"2 000 SEK
Paint for background + text + brushes500 SEK

Total funding goal: 4 850 SEK

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17 days ago

Boards for canvas-items could potentially be skipped using the container side as a raw canvas instead, saving money but increasing the difficulty of getting a nice finish. There some question marks as to the longevity of the installation in outside weather conditions, "canvas" might bend and so on.