Wall Three - Concrete Canvas Smocked Wall

parametric designed, doubly-curved, self supporting concrete demonstrating a digital smocking technique

Wall Three is a prototype/demonstrator for my PhD. It uses computational smocking, a gathering and pinching technique used to manipulate fabric. The final smocked shape negotiates the variation from a single line to a sine wave base. It is approx 4m (long) x2m (tall) x1.7m (wide) wall, made up of smocked concrete fabric (CC). 8 sheets of CC will be heat welded together and then smocked into place with custom eyelets. Once lifted into place water is applied and the wall will harden within 24 hours, to become self-supporting.


Income/existing funding

Own funding5 000 SEK


Concrete7 000 SEK

Total funding goal: 2 000 SEK

2 000Goal